Archaeological Heritage of Rigvedic Saraswati

Archaeological Heritage of Rigvedic Saraswati

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"Archaeological Heritage of Rigvedic Saraswati" is based on the fact that the Harappan Civilization represents the first urban civilazation in South Asia. Recent investigations have show that the number of sites of this civilization on the banks of Rigvedic Saraswati River and its tributaries is far greater than those on the Indus River. The Saraswati River, along with its tributaries, such as the Drishadwati, etc., enjoyed great fame and prestige during the Vedic times. The Vedic Civilization our Heritage-may be therefore, considered as a gift the Rigvedic Saraswati. The objectives of the present book are the understand - 1. Geographical extent of Vedic and Harappan Civilization; 2. Role of Saraswati in the growth and prosperity of Vedic and Harappan Civilization; 3. Relation between Vedic and Harappan Civilization (material culture study); 4. Causes of dawn and devolution of Vedic/Harappan Civilizations; and 5. The evolution and continuity of Indian heritage from Regvedic-Harappan times.

Title Archaeological Heritage of Rigvedic Saraswati
ISBN 9789386223777
Pages 256, fig. 139, ills
Year 2017
Binding Hardcover
Size 29 cm
ISBN 10 9386223775
Weight 600
Publisher B.R. Publishing Corporation

Archaeological Heritage of Rigvedic Saraswati, Author: Ashwani Asthana & Archana Asthana, Category: Book, ISBN: 9789386223777, Condition: New."

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