Ritual Enactment in Temple Tradition : Cheluvanarayana Svami Temple Melukote

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Melukote, endowed with tangible and intangible cultural heritage, has the charismatic installed image of Sri Cheluvanarayanasvami and the processional image of Shevapillai fondly worshipped by Sri Ramanujacharya in the 12th century. Melukote as a temple town received its due patronage from Hoysalas,Vijayanagar and Wodeyar rulers.  The publication pertains to the year-long ritual tradition laid down by Sri Ramanujacharya almost 900 years ago.. With text supported by beautiful photographs, meaningful illustrations authenticate the value of research and documentation of the Ritual Enactment performed on specific dyas and months at this temple town.

Title Ritual Enactment in Temple Tradition : Cheluvanarayana Svami Temple Melukote
ISBN 9789386223623
Pages with colour illustrations
Year 2017
Binding Hardcover
Size 31 cm
Edition First
Weight 2300
Publisher B.R. Publishing Corporation

The temples of India, particularly of South India are a living testimony to the efficacy of the sacred world of consecrated images and are integral to the conception of the enlivened image. The ancient modes of worship authenticated by the agamas have continued to this day, and the practicing priests provide material on these for conducting holistic studies to get a unifying vision. These resources are termed today as ‘Living Traditions’ or ‘Living Human Treasures’, which come under the category of ‘Intangible Human Heritage. They have relevance to the category of socio-psycho and socio-cultural elements of human values experienced through the senses both strong and fragile, as they rely on ‘communities to pass it on’. It has symbolic relevance, so it is intangible symbolism inlaid.

The project on ‘Ritual Enactment at the shrine of Cheluvanarayanasvami Melukote’ is conceived keeping in mind the vision of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, IGNCA to document temple traditions and bring them into the fold of scholastic and academic framework. 

Ritual Enactment in Temple Tradition : Cheluvanarayana Svami Temple Melukote, Author: Choodamani Nandagopal, Category: Book, ISBN: 9789386223623, Condition: New."

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