DILIP KUMAR The Substance and the Shadow

DILIP KUMAR The Substance and the Shadow

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In this unique volume Dilip Kumar traces his journey right from his birth to the present.

Title DILIP KUMAR The Substance and the Shadow
ISBN 9789384544959
Pages 450
Sub Title An Autobiography
Year 2016
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 9384544957
Edition First
Weight 600
Publisher Hay House

An authentic heartfelt and compelling narrative straight from the horses mouth that reveals for the first time numerous unknown aspects of the life and times of one of the greatest legends of all timewho stands out as a symbol of secular India Dilip Kumar (born asYousuf Khan) who began as a diffident novice in Hindi cinema in theearly 1940s went on to attain the pinnacle of stardom within a shorttime. He came up with spellbinding performances in one hit filmafter another in his almost six-decade-long career on the basis ofhis innovative capability determination hard work and never-say-dieattitude. In this unique volume Dilip Kumar traces his journey right from hisbirth to the present. In the process he candidly recounts hisinteractions and relationships with a wide variety of people not onlyfrom his family and the film fraternity but also from other walks oflife including politicians. While seeking to set the record straight ashe feels that a lot of what has been written about him so far is full ofdistortions and misinformation he narrates in graphic detail how hegot married to Saira Banu which reads like a fairy taleDilip Kumar relates matter-of-factly the event that changed his lifehis meeting with Devika Rani the boss of Bombay Talkies when sheoffered him an acting job. His first film was Jwar Bhata (1944). Hedetails how he had to learn everything from scratch and how he had todevelop his own distinct histrionics and style which would set himapart from his contemporaries. After that he soon soared to greatheights with movies such as Jugnu Shaheed Mela Andaz DeedarDaag and Devdas. In these movies he played the tragedian with suchintensity that his psyche was adversely affected. He consulted a Britishpsychiatrist who advised him to switch over to comedy. The result wasspectacular performances in laugh riots such as Azaad and Kohinoorapart from a scintillating portrayal as a gritty tonga driver in NayaDaur. After a five-year break he started his second innings withKranti (1981) after which he appeared in a series of hits such asVidhaata Shakti Mashaal Karma Saudagar and Qila.

DILIP KUMAR The Substance and the Shadow, Author: Dilip Kumar, Category: Book, ISBN: 9789384544959, Condition: New."

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