Harappan Archaeology : Early State Perspectives

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Harappan Archaeology : Early State Perspectives presents some perspectives on the Indus Valley Civilisation from the viewpoint of the working of a state. It deals with various aspects like mobilisation of labour organisation of production overseas trade and management of scarce water resources by rulers in the Harappan culture of India and Pakistan. It takes up the productivity of the culture evidence for warfare and the hand of the state behind certain kinds of settlement morphology and artefactual equipment. It argues that it was elite intervention and management that ensured floodwater supplies at Dholavira and urban sanitation at Mohenjadaro. It also looks into the reasons for the end of the civilisation. The text is supported by numerous illustrations that include maps and photographs of excavated findings at sites.

Title Harappan Archaeology : Early State Perspectives
ISBN 9789384082604
Pages x+326, b/w & col. Ills., maps
Year 2016
Binding Hardcover
Size 24 cm
ISBN 10 9384082600
Edition First
Weight 590
Publisher Primus Books

Contents 1. the Harappan Civilization and its World 2. Discoveries Regional Variations and the Interpretations of Harappan Origins 3. A past to Mirror Ourselves 4. Interpretations of Settlement Morphology 5. Standardization 6. Townsman and Tribesman at Mohenjo-Daro 7. Archaeological Indicators of Political Unification A Cross-Cultural Approach 8. The Ocean State-administered Overseas Trade and the Roots across the Sea 9. Flash Flood Harvesting and waste management 10. Approaches to the End of the Civilization and the Concept of a Traditional Society 11. Climate Change and the End of the Great Tradition 12. Weaving Together the Threads.

Harappan Archaeology : Early State Perspectives, Author: Shereen Ratnagar, Category: Book, ISBN: 9789384082604, Condition: New."

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