Studies In Tara Tantra

Studies In Tara Tantra

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  • 9789381209158
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Title Studies In Tara Tantra
ISBN 9789381209158
Pages xii+348
Sub Title Sanskrit Text translitration and English Translation
Year 2013
Binding Hardcover
Size 25 cm
ISBN 10 9381209154
Weight 900
Publisher Punthi Pustak

This book Studies in Taratantra is an exhaustive and exclusive study on the Taravidya that was practiced by Lord Buddha Planted in India by Vasistha spread by Acarya Brahmananda Giri revealed by Bishekhyapa nourished by Kaulacarya Anandanatha illumined by Raja Ramakrishna enkindled by Acarya Moksadananda exposed by Kailasapati Baba unfolded by Sadhaka Varna-khyapa and glorified by Anandamayi Ma. It contains the original texts of Taratantra and deals with the Tara-cult including the form of Tara mantras of Tara Taradhyanas Tarakavacam Taradiksa and detailed methods of Tara -worship. This book is enriched with the origin myth of the Dasamahavidyas origin of Kali Bhuvanesvari Chinna-masta Dhumavati Vagalamukhl Matangi and Kamala Their forms and mantras Vasisthas penance history of Tarapitha Taratemple Mahasmasana and Jivitakunda short life history of Acarya Brahmananda Giri Sadhaka Bamakhyapa (Vamakhyapa) and Sri Anandamayi Ma and also reference to Jesus Christs visit to Tarapitha.

Studies In Tara Tantra, Author: Parimal Kumar Datta, Category: Book, ISBN: 9789381209158, Condition: New."

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