Archaeology, Art and Iconography of Early Medieval Chanderi

Archaeology, Art and Iconography of Early Medieval Chanderi

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Contents :  1. Introduction: Land, people, source material and history of Chanderi region. 2. Distribution of sites and a brief-note on the archaeological sequence of Chanderi. 3. Early-medieval archaeology of Chanderi. 4. Iconoplastic Art: Jaina. 5. Iconoplastic Art: Brahmanical. 6. Summary and conclusion. 

Title Archaeology, Art and Iconography of Early Medieval Chanderi
ISBN 9789350502211
Pages xxii+276p., 284 pls., 28 figs.,
Year 2016
Binding Hardcover
Size 29 cm.
ISBN 10 9350502216
Weight 800

The present volume embodies comprehensive documentation, classification and analysis of the sculptures, temples and other archaeological remains from Chanderi, district Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi  is a well-known medieval settlement situated on the borders of the Malwa and Bundelkhand regions. The present work is rooted in the documentation of the archaeological remains of Chanderi tehsil, in the form of temples and sculptures of both Jaina and Brahmanical ideologies. Coupled with the study of the epigraphic records from Chanderi and its adjoining areas, the present study tries to draw a framework of historical-societal-religious and economic processes that seems to have played an important role in the development of Chanderi after the downfall of the Imperial Gurjjara-Pratiharas.

This work is the outcome of the series of explorations in the region under study carried out as a part of the author’s Ph.D. The present work has brought to light a number of sites/artifacts ranging in time from the prehistoric to the early medieval period. The rich archaeological and epigraphic materials of the early medieval period from Chanderi compels us to investigate thoroughly the period under study in the light of the various theorizations and models that have been postulated by historians with respect to state formation processes. The book is richly illustrated with colour photographs of rock art, stone tools and line drawing of stone tools, sculptures, temples, digital maps and location maps of the rock are explored sites. 

Archaeology, Art and Iconography of Early Medieval Chanderi, Author: Ranbeer Singh Rajput, Category: Book, ISBN: 9789350502211, Condition: New."

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