Demonetisation : The Economists Speak

Demonetisation : The Economists Speak

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Title Demonetisation : The Economists Speak
ISBN 9789332703971
Pages 150
Year 9332703973
Binding Hardcover
Size 23 cm
ISBN 10 9332703973
Weight 400
Publisher --None--

Demonetisation has come to describe in India one economic decision that shook a billion people from the very moment it was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016; from the manifestation shrouded in secrecy, the rationale, the aftermath, the short and the long term economic impact, the social and political fall-out and much more.
Endless animated discussions in virtually every kind of group at any kind of place, unending serpentine queues at banks and ATMs, continuous news headlines for days and weeks, countless speeches, reactions and counter-arguments, a stalled parliament—India’s recent demonetisation has indeed unfolded at an unprecedented scale. 
Amidst the din and cacophony, it makes a lot of sense to make available to the reader, a bunch of authentic writings by noted economists/scholars and policymakers on how they view demonetisation. Sure to enlighten, this reader friendly book edited by Uma Kapila serves to offer just that.

Demonetisation : The Economists Speak, Author: Uma Kapila (Ed.), Category: Book, ISBN: 9789332703971, Condition: New."

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