Seeing into Stone : Pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskars Early Inhabitants

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Contents : Definitions : Methods, Sites and Motifs - 1. Methodologtical Introduction to Rock et Science, 2. Typology of Rock-art Locales in Zangskar, 3. Petroglyphs of Caprids, 4. Petroglyphs of Yaks and Drimo, 5. Depictions of Human in Zangskar Petroglyphs, 6. Petroglyph Signs, Symbols or Designs, 7. Animal Style Art, II. Recognitions : Insights from Archaeology, Anthropology, Ethnography and Formal Analysis - 8. Archaeology and the Context of Pre Buddhist Zangskar and Ladakh Petroglyphs, 9. Comparative Anthropology of Hunting Cultures and Implications for Pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs in Zangskar, 10 Informed Comparative Ethnography, 11. Style and Rock Art, III. Appropriations: Petroglyphs in Buddhist Retrospection - 12. A New Dispensation at the Sites of the Old, 13. Transitions, Continuities and Juxtaposition: Lingshed's Dyad, 11. Superimpositions: Framing Ibex Petroglyphs, Conclusion, Epilogue : The Fate of Zangskar Petroglyphs and Wildlife.

Title Seeing into Stone : Pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskars Early Inhabitants
ISBN 9788192450285
Pages xx+218 with col. ills., one cd
Year 2016
Binding Hardcover
Language English
Size 28 cm
ISBN 10 8192450287
Weight 790
Publisher Studio Orientalia

Petroglyphs—drawings on rock—are the earliest and richest traces of human culture in Zangskar, a distinctive region of the Western Himalayas. This volume is richly illustrated with original photographs taken in Zangskar and neighboring regions documenting the locations and detailsof these enigmatic rock carvings.
The photographs represent more than twenty years of fieldwork in Zangskar.
These drawings on stone once provided a visual legacy in the landscape of contemporary Zangksar is with their economy mixing agriculture and herding, but are fast disappearing with the destructive expansion of road-building and neglect. Besides more than 150 illustrations, the book comes with a DVD with an additional 143 color illustrations. 

Seeing into Stone : Pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskars Early Inhabitants, Author: Rob Linrothe, Category: Book, ISBN: 9788192450285, Condition: New."

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