Encyclopaedia of Traditional Asanas

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Approximately 900 titles of Asanas good number of which are so far unheard of. 1100 techniques and illustration of asanas. 200 authoritative and valid source most of which are unpublished Manuscript. Thousand of references. Hundred of cross-references to ascertain validity, to check comparison and distinction, to establish relationship, for grouping and classifications and also to find out synonyms. 100 application of Padmasana. 60 Application of Shirshasan (inversion). An exhaustive Introduction. An Appendix of various illustrations from different cultures adding additional information, charm and colorfulness of the ancient tradition.

Title Encyclopaedia of Traditional Asanas
ISBN 9788190161725
Pages lxxix+442, with numerous photographs and line drgs.
Year 2013
Binding Hardcover
Language English
Size 25
ISBN 10 8190161725
Edition Second
Weight 1200

Significance of Encyclopaedia of Traditional Asanas

This study provides all material related to asanas in the traditional texts.
It will be source of all information about the traditional approach to asanas to yoga.
It will be useful for the teachers and students of yoga alike in deepeining their knowledge about the asanas.
The study also throws light on various traditions that exist in the asanas.

Encyclopaedia of Traditional Asanas, Author: , Category: Book, ISBN: 9788190161725, Condition: New."

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