Indo-Pak Relations : Beyond Surgical Strike

Indo-Pak Relations : Beyond Surgical Strike

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Title Indo-Pak Relations : Beyond Surgical Strike
ISBN 9788182749344
Pages 360
Year 2017
Binding Hardcover
Size 23 cm
Weight 590
Publisher Pentagon Press

In Pakistan, India today faces a villain greater than what `Lord Rama` encountered in `Ravana`. To understand and appreciate the matter, with requisite seriousness, one needs to look `Beyond the Surgical Strike` and the noise and dust that the NDA government kicked up undeservedly.
Let us also appreciate that Pakistan today has a virtual `Hanumana` in form of its all-weather friend China, eager and ready to do its biddings in all settings of space and time. It was amply demonstrated during the `BRICS Summit` recently held in Goa, where China stone-walled all Indian efforts to direct arrows of blame for cross-border terrorism at Pakistan.

It is also necessary to know and understand that peace with India is not in interest of the key stake- holders of Pakistan. Surgical or no surgical strike, the tiger of international terror is in no hurry to change its strips. To dissuade Pakistan from directing cross-border terror at India, the latter must develop capability and capacity to inflict unbearable damage to the trouble maker, each and every time it dares to play mischief.

This work is designed to help the reader understand the situation with factual clarity.

Indo-Pak Relations : Beyond Surgical Strike , Author: Udai Vir Singh, Category: Book, ISBN: 9788182749344, Condition: New."

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