Jinasena's Adipurana 2 Vols.

Jinasena's Adipurana 2 Vols.

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The tradition of Puranas in the country is of considerable antiquity and in the Brahmanical literature, these Puranas are held in high esteem, some of which like the Ghagvat Purana patronize Rsabhadeva as one of te incarnations of Visnu. In Jainism, however, there are several Puranas some of which belong to quite an early date. Unlike the Brahmani-cal Puranas, which are attributed t the sage Vyasa, the Jaina Puranas have been composed by different authors of considerable repute at different times. The Adi Purana by Jinasena is claimed opt belong to he ninth century A. D. and deals with the life story of lord Rsabhadeva, and his ten incarnations, besides the life sketches of Bharata as well as Bahubali. This is quite an important work for the purpose of the study of the ancient Jaina traditions, culture, history, besides the ancient geography of eh country. This is not only an important Puranan, but is a Mahakavya (epic) of great poetic excellence, a religious scripture and a political composition besides being a code of conduct for the Jaina clergy as well as the common man. It also testifies the gensis and evolution of the human race and its classification into different classes. This indeed is an excellent composition which reflect the various aspects of the ancient customs and tradition besides the way of life of the people of the Jaina faith and its English version would surely interest the readers in the country and abroad, Though utmost care has been taken in rendering the work in English, but there could still be some shortcomings here and there, which I am sure, the learned readers would be kind enough to overlook the same.

Title Jinasena's Adipurana 2 Vols.
ISBN 9788178542027
Pages 1288
Year 2011
Binding Hardcover
Language Sanskrit text, English translation
Size 25 cm
Weight 2735
Publisher Eastern Book Linkers

Jinasena's Adipurana 2 Vols., Author: Shanti Lal Nagar (English Version), Category: Book, ISBN: 9788178542027, Condition: New."

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