Cultural Ecology : Prehistory and Ethno-Archaeological Context  of Indian Rock Art

Cultural Ecology : Prehistory and Ethno-Archaeological Context of Indian Rock Art

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Rock art, being the earliest expression of human aesthetic desire, is an important cultural marker having multifaceted dimensions, together with its allied subjects. It is an intricate and complex domain covering material and cognitive aspects of culture. A multidisciplinary approach is being advocated to decode and understand it in all its dimensions. To study the prehistory in this context becomes equally important.
The objective of the present volume is to delve deep into the recent prehistoric and historic investigations carried out by various eminent scholars in North-East India and other parts of the country. In fact, it is an explanatory attempt to broadly trace the origin and antiquity of prehistory and rock art of the region. The present volume is divided into two sections. The first section gives an account of the cultural dimensions of ecology and rock art of the North-Eastern states while the second section deals with the rest of India. The papers included in the volume highlight the immense potential that rock art possesses in unravelling the mysteries of the past. The data and the interpretations put forward by various scholars are comprehensive and analytical. Most of their views are appropriate and hold good promise in terms of recent trends in rock art research. This illustrated volume aims to boost and promote the importance of the rock art research, particularly in North-East India.

Title Cultural Ecology : Prehistory and Ethno-Archaeological Context of Indian Rock Art
ISBN 9788173055829
Pages xvi+158, ills. 96
Sub Title with Emphasis on North-Eastern States
Year 2017
Binding Hardcover
Size 28 cm
Weight 800
Publisher Aryan Books International

Contents :
1. Introduction 
  — Bansi Lal Malla
North-Eastern India
 2. Interface of Ecology and Culture: Indigenous Perceptions of Environment 
  — Bansi Lal Malla
 3. Archaeological Research in North-East India: Historical Developments and  
  Current Status
  — Jonali Devi
 4. Prehistoric and Archaeological Background of North-East India with  
  Reference to the Rock Art Sites
  — Dwipen Bezbaruah
 5. Geological Background of the Sites of Assam with Evidence of Engravings  
  and Related Archaeological Evidence
  — Sarat Phukan
 6. Recent Discovery of Petroglyphs in Dima-Hasao District, Assam 
  — Tilok Thakuria
 7. Historical Significance of Uma Tumoni and Its Rock Art 
  — Rajib Handique
 8. Rock Art in Tharon Area, Manipur 
  — P. Binodini Devi
 9. Some Comparable Rock Art Pictures from Assam Region and Karnataka:  
  A Preliminary Investigation
  — A. Sundara
Rest of India
 10. Art Heritage: A Mirror of Nature-Human Relationship 
  — Bansi Lal Malla
 11. Rock Art of Odisha: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective 
  — Sadasiba Pradhan
 12. Chandravati Engraved Core and Rock Art: An Ethnoarchaeological  
  Case Study
  — V.H. Sonawane
 13. Some Aspects of Rock Art Research  
  — G.L. Badam
 14. A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Rock Art: A Case Study  
  of Karnataka
  — R. Mohana

Cultural Ecology : Prehistory and Ethno-Archaeological Context of Indian Rock Art, Author: Bansi Lal Malla & Dwipen Bezbaruah (Ed.), Category: Book, ISBN: 9788173055829, Condition: New."

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