Temple Architecture and Imagery of South and Southeast Asia

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This Volume is a tribute of professor M.A. Dhaky's profound and influrntial scholarship by an international community of well-known scholars in the field of south and Southeast Asian temple art and architecture. The thirty-two essays that make this book unfold many layers of the temple's imagery, taking a broad view and traversing religious, cultural, and temporal boundaries. While a majority of these are rooted in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, and Vietnam also figure prominently. (2.6)

Title Temple Architecture and Imagery of South and Southeast Asia
ISBN 9788173055508
Pages lxxii+453p., illustrations (partly col.)
Sub Title Prasadanidhi: Papers Presented to Professor M.A. Dhaky
Year 2016
Binding Hardcover
Language English
Size 31 cm
ISBN 10 8173055505
Edition First
Weight 2750
Publisher Aryan Books International

Preceded by valuable insights into M.A. Dhaky's encyclopaedic writings, the volume is configured along six sub-themes inspired by his contributions to the discipline. These include the architectonics of temples, their varied materials and milieus, stylistics, patronage and transregional connections; studies of architectural elements in culture-specific contexts; inter-relationships between sculpture and architecture in the temple's larger narrative; the embodiment of cult icons; other non-cultic manifestations on the temple; ritual observances and performance traditions. Several of the essays move in and out of M.A. Dhaky's writings, building upon themes addressed by him, extending his methods to newer materials, regions, and time-frames, and charting fresh paths that extend the orbit of temple studies.

Scholars and interested readers will find in this volume a thoughtful and cohesive collection of the most recent and insightful research on art historical aspects of South and Southeast Asian temples by the finest minds engaged in the field.

I. Architectural Styles, Modes, Materials and Milieus: 1. The development of the Vihara Shrine from Bagh to Ajanta/Walter M. Spink. 2. From Sikhara to Sekhari: building from the ground up/Michael W. Meister. 3. The early temples of Campa, Vietnam: shaping an architectural language/Parul Pandya Dhar. 4. Brick infill: little known brick temples of the Pratihara period/Adam Hardy. 5. Reconsidering Kadwaha’s temples: history, chronology and patronage/Tamara I. Sears. 6. The Rehmana-prasada abroad: Masjid-i Sangi of Larwand (Afghanistan)/Alka Patel. 7. Manufacturing tradition: Rajput temples in the Mughal and Post-Mughal Era/Catherine B. Asher. 8. Ahilyabai’s monuments at Maheshwar/Frederick Asher.
II. Architectural Elements: 9. A note on the ceiling designs in the temples of Northern Karnataka, with special emphasis on the lotus blossom motif/Corinna Wessels-Mevissen. 10. Composite pillars with three-dimensional sculptures in the outer Mandapa of the Atmanatha temple, Avudayarkoil/Anila Verghese. 11. The Dipa-stambhas of Goa’s temples: Deccan sultanate influence on coastal Hindu architecture/George Michell. 12. Lesser known spiral wells of Gujarat/Snehal Shah.
III. Architecture and the Configuration of Imagery: 13. Three royal temple foundations in South India: Tripurantaka imagery as a statement of political power/Gerd J.R. Mevissen. 14. Aundha Naganatha Temple, Paradigm shift in imagery: Jnana Marga to Bhakti Marga/Kumud Kanitkar. 15. A new type of ‘Devapatta’ and a few other Vaisnava icons from the Visnu temple, Mandhata/Jurgen Neuss. 16. Ramayana Reliefs in the Cintala Venkataramaba, Tadapatri/Anna L. Dallapiccola.
IV. Embodying the Deity: 17. Sri Laksmi in oral tradition and art/Arvind P. Jamkhedkar. 18. Laksmi on the lion/Doris Meth Srinivasan. 19. Reattribution of an important early Indian Buddha image in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art/Stephen Markel. 20. A unique sculptural panel from Kanheri Cave/Suraj A. Pandit. 21. Some Sesasayi Visnu sculptures from Southeast Asia/Ratan Parimoo. 22. Vatapatrasayi: lord of the banyan leaf in temple sculpture/Devangana Desai. 23. Hindu deities without temples, but with architectural association: an enigmatic situation/Gouriswar Bhattacharya. 24. Sculptural treasures in the temples and lanes of Varanasi/Kamal Giri.
V. Inhabiting the Temple: 25. A Rare gilt bronze of a divine couple from Nepal: A case of mistaken identity/Pratapaditya Pal. 26.Lead, kindly light: a preliminary study of a sculpture of a lamp bearer from the Jageshwar valley/Nachiket Chanchani. 27. Beauty and the beast: disrobing the female figure/Thomas E. Donaldson. 28. The case of the Contraband Cargo, or, Atru’s amorous couples/Kirit L. Mankodi.
VI. Piety, Society and Ritual Performance: 29. Nisidhis: Jaina Memorial Monuments/S. Settar. 30. Some vital socio-cultural dimensions of Jaina art/Maruti Nandan Pd. Tiwari and Shanti Swaroop Sinha. 31. Theatre and temple: Ranganatha and Rangamandapa in South and Southeast Asia/Adalbert J. Gail. 32. Embroidered temples: locating Kantha in Bengali devotional practice/Pika Ghosh.

Temple Architecture and Imagery of South and Southeast Asia, Author: Parul Pandya Dhar & Gerd J. R. Mevissen (Editors), Category: Book, ISBN: 9788173055508, Condition: New."

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