The Great Mathematical Heritage of India

The Great Mathematical Heritage of India

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The most comprehensive book on mathematics has the credit of giving a vivid account of achievements ranging from Vedic age down to 12th century A.D. It stands for dealing with the origin and consecutive development of mathematical theorems invented by Aryan and non Aryan scholars long throgh the ages. In conclusion, it puts all the data into comparison with modern mathematics. It is an outcome of stupendous task of comprising all acncient and modern mathematics with the rationale into the single compass of volume.

Title The Great Mathematical Heritage of India
ISBN 9788171106219
Pages xxvii+457
Year 2018
Binding Hardcover
Language English
Size 23 cm
ISBN 10 9788171106218
Edition First
Weight 790
Publisher Parimal Publications

Contents : The World of Number, 2. Mathematics of Language, 3. Language of Mathematics, 4. Supposition, Reverse Process and Normal operation of Equcations, 5. Arithmetical Operations of Linear and Second Degree Equations, 6. Algebraic Operations for Equations with One Variable and Quadratic Equations, 7. Linear Definite Equations with Two Variables, 8. Inteterminate Quadratic Equations with two Variables and Ruling for Making Square Numbers, 9. Indeterminate Equations with two Variables of Kuttak, 10. Series and Progressions, 11. Ankapash or Permutations 'Kramachaya' and Combinations 'Sanchaya', 12. 'Shulva Ganit' (Geometry), 13. 'Chaturashra' or 'Chaturbhuj' (Quadrilateral), 14. Construction of Right Angle, 15. Types of Triangle and their Areas, 16. Construction of a Circle and its Area, 17. Construction, Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere 

The Great Mathematical Heritage of India, Author: Sudyumna Acharya (Eng. Tr. by R.M. Arya and Ram Prasad), Category: Book, ISBN: 9788171106219, Condition: New."

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