Catalogue Of The Coins Of The Andhra Dynasty

Catalogue Of The Coins Of The Andhra Dynasty

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Title Catalogue Of The Coins Of The Andhra Dynasty
ISBN 9788170690566
Pages 476 18 Plates
Sub Title Western Ksatrapas Traikutaka Dynasty & The Bodhi Dynasty
Year 1975
Binding Hardcover
Size 15 X 23
ISBN 10 8170690560
Edition First
Weight 800
Publisher Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

E.J. Rapsons Catalogue of the Coins of the Andhra Dynasty etc. is a valuable reference book for scholars interested in the study of early dynasties of western and eastern India. The work is of great importance since for the reconstruction of a full and accurate account of the history of these dynasties coins have provided the main source of information. The present Catalogue includes the coins of the Andhra dynasty and its feudatories the Western Ksatrapas including the families of Ksaharata Castana and Rudrasimha II the Traikutaka and the Bodhi dynasty. In a scholarly Introduction Rapson has eminently succeeded in presenting a cogent history of these dynasties by correlating also the evidence from inscriptions Puranic sources and archaeological finds. In this extremely useful Introduction of over two hundred pages he has given the outline of the history of the Andhra dynasty from inscriptions coins and other sources notes on the inscriptions of the Andhra Iksvaku Western Ksatrapa and Abhira dynasties Puranic dynastic lists coins of the Andhra dynasty history genealogy and coins of the Western Ksatrapas the history and coinage of the Traikutaka dynasty the coins of the Bodhi dynasty the types and symbols denominations weights and metals and coin-legends besides palaeographical notes on the inscriptions. He has thus been able to clear many obscure points relating to the reconstruction of the history of these dynasties. In the catalogue proper all the details about the coins of these dynasties have been recorded with scholarly notes on debatable matters. At the end of the volume are given indexes of kings and rulers types symbols and adjuncts dates on coins of Western Ksatrapas besides a historical geographical and miscellaneous index. The volume also contains a map and twenty-one plates illustrating the coins and coin-legends.

Catalogue Of The Coins Of The Andhra Dynasty, Author: Edward James Rapson, Category: Book, ISBN: 9788170690566, Condition: New."

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