China : Threat or Challenge?

China : Threat or Challenge?

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The Book is a compilation of articles written and published in the Indian Defence Review since May 2014. During the preliminary discussions there were strong views from a certain section of the community of academic scholars and diplomats that China was not an existential THREAT. However, the military community felt that the People’s Liberation Army’s substantive military modernisation manifested such a THREAT. The academic and diplomatic community did feel that there was surely a CHALLENGE in dealing with an assertive rising China - more relevant with a decline of US interest in Asia. To accommodate both views the Title was thus revised to China - Threat or Challenge?”

Title China : Threat or Challenge?
ISBN 9788170623151
Pages 378
Year 2016
Binding Hardcover
Size 24 cm
Weight 800
Publisher Kaveri Books

Contents : 1. Assessing China’s Rise by Maj Gen Vivek Sehgal; 2. Rising China: The Middle Kingdoms Aspirations for Global Power Status by Lt Gen JS Bajwa; 3. On the China ‘Threat’ to India by Jabin T Jacob;  4. China: India’s Biggest Challenge by Jayadeva Ranade; 5. China: A Threat or A Challenge by Maj Gen Sheru Thapliyal; 6. China’s Military Reforms by MV Rappai; 7. Dynamics of China’s Future Warfighting Potential by Lt Gen JS Bajwa; 8. Impact of PLA Reforms on Indian Armed Forces by Maj Gen PK Chakravorty; 9. The PLA: A Bull in the China Shop vs Reticent Indian Army by Brig Deepak Sinha; 10. Meeting the Chinese Challenge through Cooperative Security by Brig Gurmeet Kanwal.11. China a Threat or a Challenge: Its Air Power Potential by Air Marshal RS Bedi; 12. Could the IAF be Confronted with Computer Stuffed | Cockpits of PLAAF? by Sqn Ldr Vijendra K Thakur; 13. The Dragon’s Adventures in the Indian Ocean by Vice Admiral Anup Singh; 14. Acupuncture Warfare: China’s Cyberwar Doctrine and Implications for India by Brig Gurmeet Kanwal; 15. China’s Neighbourhood Challenges by Col Harjeet Singh; 16. China’s Propped up Proxies making India’s Neighbourhood Inimical by Lt Gen JS Bajwa; 17. Militarisation of the South China Sea: The Offence-Defense Paradigm by S Rajasimman; 18. South China Sea Imbroglio: Through the Prism of PLAs Grand Strategy of ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ by Maj Gen Rajiv Narayanan; 19. Spectre of China’s Artificial Islands by Prof Swaran Singh & Lilian Yamamoto; 20. China’s Game of Territorial Claims by Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee; 21. Solving the Sino-Indian Border Dispute: One Million Indians for a Road by Nicolas Groffman; 22. Historically India’s Soft Power Comes a Cropper to Chinese Irredentist Belligerence by Lt Gen JS Bajwa; 23. China’s Internal Fissures by Claude Arpi; 24. The Tibet Issue by A Troubled Neighbourhood by Lt Gen PC Katoch; 25. Dual Infrastructure in Tibet: A Threatening Scenario for India? by Claude Arpi; 26. Is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a Threat to India? by Jabin T Jacob; 27. Is China a threat to the Indian Economy? by Aravind Yelery.

China : Threat or Challenge?, Author: Lt Gen JS Bajwa (Ed.), Category: Book, ISBN: 9788170623151, Condition: New."

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