Aquatic Biodiversity in India

Aquatic Biodiversity in India

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Title Aquatic Biodiversity in India
ISBN 9788170353676
Pages ix+369
Sub Title The Present Scenario
Year 2013
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 10 817035367X
Weight 600
Publisher Daya Publishing House

The present book reflects the present scenario of Aquatic Biodiversity in India. The book includes 22 chapters contributed by eminent scientists researchers and teachers who all are leading authorities in the field of aquatic biodiversity. The book covers in depth analysis of aquatic flora and fauna their present status in India various threats to them and their conservation measures. The book forms a useful contribution for Limnologists Zoologists Botanists Microbiologists Environmentalists Researchers students of PG level and for the people engaged in the field of aquatic biodiversity. Contents Chapter 1 Sustainable Development and Conservation of Fish Genetic Biodiversity in India by U K Sarkar D Kapoor and R Dayal Chapter 2 Biodiversity of Cyanophytes and Bacteria Associated with Nitrogen Cycling in the Marine Environment by P K Pandey and C S Purushothaman Chapter 3 Ornamental Fish Biodiversity of India by Archana Sinha Chapter 4 Biodiversity of Aquatic Fauna of Mizoram The Present Scenario by S N Ramanujam Chapter 5 Resource Assessment and Potential of Hill Fisheries in Garhwal Himalayan Region of Uttaranchal A Perspective by N K Agarwal D R Khanna B L Thapliyal and U S Rawat Chapter 6 Present Status of Biodiversity and Strategies for Development of Wetlands in South Konkan in India by S G Yeragi and S S Yeragi Chapter 7 Algal Communities in Papnash Pond Bidar Karnataka India by N Shiddamallayya S B Angadi and P C Patil Chapter 8 Intertidal Region and Biodiversity by Amita Saxena Chapter 9 Fish Fauna of the District Udham Singh Nagar with Some Recommendations for Improvement of Fisheries by S P Badola Smita Badola and D R Khanna Chapter 10 Role of Water Hyacinth and Other Aquatic Weeds in Wastewater Treatment An Eco Friendly Approach Having Vast Potential by V Singhal and A Kumar Chapter 11 Biotic Communities in Aquatic System by N Rai S A Ansari S Chauhan Mukesh Ruhela and R Bhutiani Chapter 12 Aquatic Diversity in Jharkhand with Reference to Macro Zoobenthos by Arvind Kumar and Chandan Bohra Chapter 13 Study and Cultural Eutrophication in Relation to Plant Diversity of Wetland Rathewshwar in Central Gujarat by Nirmal Kumar J I Rita N Kumar and Ira Bhatt Chapter 14 Status of Aquatic Biodiversity of Bhimtal Lake in Kumaon Region (Uttaranchal) by Devendra S Malik Chapter 15 Effect of Pulp and Paper Mills Effluent on Microbial Diversity of River Gola by Anil Kumar Rajeev Rajput R Bhutiani Mukesh Ruhela and V Singhal Chapter 16 Latitudinal Variation in Phytoplankton Assemblage by A Wanganeo S Gagroo A R Yousuf and R Wanganeo Chapter 17 Studies on Biotic Diversity of Macro Invertebrates in Bihar River by U Awasthi and Ashok Awasthi Chapter 18 Coastal Biodiversity of Maharashtra An Insight by G N Kulkarni Chapter 19 Biodiversity A Present Scenario by Pramod Kumar Joshi Chapter 20 Biodiversity and Conservation of Algae by Narendra Mohan and Jitendra Mohan Chapter 21 Similarity Index of Phytoplankton Species of River Kunda at Khargone Madhya Pradesh by S K Mahajan Chapter 22 Limnological Assessment of Phytoplankton in a Reservoir of Khargon Madhya Pradesh by S K Mahajan.

Aquatic Biodiversity in India, Author: D.E. Khanna et al (Ed.), Category: Book, ISBN: 9788170353676, Condition: New."

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