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Title Censorium
ISBN 9788125051268
Pages 296
Sub Title Cinema and the Open Edge of Mass Publicity
Year 2013
Binding Hardcover
Size 24 cm.
ISBN 10 8125051260
Weight 550
Publisher Orient Blackswan

Censorium is an innovative analysis of Indian film censorship. William Mazzarella argues that we must go beyond understanding the regulation of the cinema in India as a violation of free speech as a colonial hangover as a symptom of repressive moralism or as a struggle between liberals and conservatives. Drawing on extensive archival research and interviews with leading Indian censors filmmakers lawyers journalists playwrights and actors Mazzarellas study grants the censors the compliment they least expect to be taken seriously. Rather than polemicizing against censorship from an external standpoint Mazzarella rigorously explores the self-contradictory language of censorship from within. Ultimately he shows us how film censorship is about far more than the moviesit is a key to understanding why political and cultural legitimacy is so unstable in mass-mediated societies.

Censorium, Author: William Mazzarella, Category: Book, ISBN: 9788125051268, Condition: New."

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