Ancient Indian Coinage

Ancient Indian Coinage

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This book studies ancient Indias monetary economy in terms of its coinage through six successive periods from the janapadas to the pre-medieval. It establish linkages between the ancient coins and their references in ancient texts.

Title Ancient Indian Coinage
ISBN 9788124600511
Pages xv+247 [+8]
Sub Title A Systematic Study of Money Economy from Janapada Period to Early Medieval Period (600 bc to ad 1200)
Year 1995
Binding Hardback
Language English
Size 23 cm.
ISBN 10 8124600511
Edition 1st
Weight 500
Publisher D.K. Printworld

Money is unmistakably a landmark invention -- considering its indispensable role in economics and more specially in the commercial sphere of mans existence anywhere in the world. However we have yet to have final answers to some of the fundamental questions When where and how was money -- shaped as coins or as pieces of stamped metal -- first introduced to human civilization Its genesis in India is traced back to the sixth century bc during the second urban revolution when coins came to be manufactured here independently indigenously. Analysing in depth an astonishing mass of numismatic and kindred data published in different catalogues archaeological reports journals and elsewhere this book investigates the evolution of ancient Indias money economy in terms of its coinage through six successive periods janapada Maurya post-Maurya Gupta post-Gupta and pre-medieval -- which in their togetherness span nearly two millennia. Covering the entire subcontinental sprawl Dr. Jain considers the whole variety of coins local universal standard and even foreign with meticulous descriptions of coin types symbols legends fabric and metrology. In her thematic effort to reconstruct the history of ancient Indian coinage (and thus money economy) from its first beginnings in high antiquity to about the twelth century ad the author has drawn on wide-ranging primary and secondary sources. And has also tried to establish linkages between different ancient coins and their referencesdescriptions in VedicBuddhistJaina texts Paninis Ashtadhyayi Kautilyas Arthashastra epical literature Dharmashastras foreigners travelogues old-world mathematical treatises and numerous contemporary inscriptions among others writings.

Ancient Indian Coinage , Author: Rekha Jain, Category: Book, ISBN: 9788124600511, Condition: New."

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