History Of Pancala

History Of Pancala

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Title History Of Pancala
ISBN 9788121501040
Pages 162 Numerous B/w & Colour Illustration and 22 Graphs
Sub Title To C. Ad 550 Vol. II Corpus Of Coins
Year 1985
Binding Hardcover
Size 23 X 29
ISBN 10 8121501040
Edition First
Weight 900
Publisher Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

A companion volume to the History of Pancala - A Study the work for the first time presents a systematic and a multi-dimensional study of nearly 3000 coins. In addition to a detailed Introduction the Corpus deals not only with the Paiic5la coins (Section 1) but also incorporates hitherto untapped source viz. all coins found in the excavations of Ahicchatra conducted in the 1940s as well as the 1960s (Section 11). The third section gives details of frequency tables of the coins of various Pancala kings. Relying on both unpublished and published material available in India and abroad it is the first comprehensive corpus of coins of one of the most important janapadas of northern India in the post Mauryan times and covers the numismatic history of the region up to the age of the Guptas. Following the lines of scientific numismatics the Corpus has in order to present an integrated numismatic study incorporated various tools of numismatic researches - relevance of the technique of hoard examination significance of die-studies and die-sequences palaeographic and linguistic Peculiarities typological investigations stratigraphic position of uninscribed and inscribed coins the relations of Pancala kings with other contemporary powers and above all the metrology of the Pancala coins. In the process the volume provides material for further numismatic researches as well.

History Of Pancala, Author: Krishna Mohan Shrimali, Foreword By Dr. R. S. Sharma, Category: Book, ISBN: 9788121501040, Condition: New."

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