Late Temple Architecture in India 15th to 19th Centuries

Late Temple Architecture in India 15th to 19th Centuries

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Title Late Temple Architecture in India 15th to 19th Centuries
ISBN 9780199454679
Pages 352
Sub Title Continuities, Revivals, Appropriations, and Innovations
Year 2015
Binding Hardcover
Size 25 cm.
Weight 874
Publisher Oxford University Press

From the fifteenth century on after a period of widespread destruction and demolition India witnessed a resumption of temple patronage and building activity. These late temples however are usually overlooked by architectural and art historians who tend to privilege the earlier phases of Indian architecture and art the prevailing assumption being that Indias late temples are unworthy of serious attention. As illustrated in this volume nothing could be further from the truth. Accompanied by maps photographs as well as a selection of building plans this book is the first wide-ranging account of temple architecture in the 500-year period that coincides with the rule of the sultanates the Mughals and the British. Through a meticulous study of over 300 temples from 17 geographical zones this book shows that as far as temple architecture is concerned these years were remarkably creative and vibrant. The temples built during this period display a startling diversity of forms structural techniques and aesthetic qualities. Rather than characterizing the appearance of domes vaults pointed arches and other such borrowings as inappropriately Christian or Islamic this volume attempts to understand how such attributes came to be integrated into a Hindu and Jain religious context.

Late Temple Architecture in India 15th to 19th Centuries, Author: George Michell, Category: Book, ISBN: 9780199454679, Condition: New."

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