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Havelis of Old Delhi

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Author: Varma, Pavan K. & Shankar Sondeep
Year: 1999

[ Hardcover, 27 cm., pp. 125, ills. ]
[ Price: RS. 1,800.00, US$ 33.33 ]

About the Book :

Havelis of Old Delhi

In the Old Delhi once the capital of great Mughal emperors, exist cameos of India's glorious past. The book focuses on the mansions built in the 18th & early 19th centuries of which in some cases, little remains beyond a pile of rubble, which in others ther is sufficient evidence of an indigenous architectural technique and the gracious lifestyle it once upheld. The authors during their 18 months walk through those past alleys, through doorways, up narrow staircases and down mildewed basementsto produce this invaluable and enduring document of a lost era. Through them an entire period of recent Indian history, encapsulating feudal nawabs and British sahebs, come alive.
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