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Navagraha Temples of Tamil Nadu : Kaveri Delta

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Author: Raghavan, Padma & Narayan, Savita
Year: 2005
ISBN: 8189066226
[ pp. iii+145 ]
[ Price: RS. 795.00, US$ 14.72 ]

About the Book :

Navagraha Temples of Tamil Nadu : Kaveri Delta

(Navagrahas the nine planets and the unique temples dedicated to their worship. What are they? An intrinsic element in Hindu worship. An intermediate between the devotee and the God head. Their temples? Individual temples to individual grahas not to be found elsewhere in the world. What are they ? Why do they awe the devotee? What exactly do they do? How does one worship them? what is there to see once one gets there? This book tells you all you ever wanted to no about the famous Navagraha temples of Tamil Nadu. In a practical reader-friendly format making it easy to explore special, not-to-be-missed features at each temple while you are there. Details of each planet and temple from an astronomy, myth, history, architecture, religion, festival point of view. The food for ech graha, their colours, their gems, their rangoli patterns -all elaborated and beautifully illustrated in colour photographs and pencil drawings. Contents : Introduction : Thirumangalakudi / Surya : Suryanar Koli - Temple of The Sun God; Kandiyur Shiva Temple - Forest of The Vilva Tree / Chandra : Thingaloor - The Village of the Moon; Thirundevankudi - Temple of The Crab / Mangal : Vaitheeswaran Koli - Temple of Shiva - The Healer / Budha : Tiruvenkadu - Forest of White Flowers / Guru : Alangudi - Forest of Red Sailk-Cotton Flowers, Temple of The Protector; Thiru Tenkudi Thittai - The Temple on the Island / Shukra : Kanchanur - Temple of The Morning Star/Evening Star / Shani : Tirunallar - Temple on the Banks of Nallar, Nala's Refuge; Tiruvalanchuzi - Temple of The Sea Forth Ganesha / Introduction to Rahu and Ketu / Rahu : Thiru Nageshwaram - Grove of Champa Flowers or Shenbagaranyam / Ketu : Keezh Perum Pallam - The Bamboo Forest; Srivanjiyam - The Fragrant Forest / Glossary / Bibliography)
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