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Ancient Indian Inscriptions : Recent Finds and New Interpretations

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Author: Goyal, S.R.
Year: 2005

[ 23cm., pp. xxii+253 ]
[ Price: RS. 700.00, US$ 11.67 ]

About the Book :

Ancient Indian Inscriptions : Recent Finds and New Interpretations

The present monograph seeks mainly to acquaint the teachers and students with important ancient Indian inscriptions discovered in the last few decades. Thought their discovery has often made a reconstruction of political and cultural history necessary, but they are usually beyond the reach of teachers and students as for their study they usually have to consult learned journals and research monographs not always easily accessible. Among such inscriptions are included the Sannati Rock Edicts of Asoka, Guntupalli inscription of Maharaja Sada, Reh Sivalinga inscription, Rabatak inscription of Kanishka I, Hunza inscriptions of the time of Deva Sri Chandra Vikramaditya, Risthal inscription of Prakasadharman Aulikara, Sanjeli inscription of Toramana, Ramtek Prabhavatigupta Memorial inscription, many other recently found Vakataka inscriptions, recently found the year 23 and Vishnuhari (Rama) Temple inscription of mid-12th century found from the Ramajanmabhumi site at Ayodhya (which proves that there existed a temple at the Ramajanmabhumi site even before the twelfth century). The present work also studies some old inscriptions and epigraphical problems with a new approach and makes new cogent suggestions for the consideration of learned scholars. Hopefully it will be found useful by the university teachers and students of epigraphy and ancient Indian history.

Keywords: [Ancient Indian Inscriptions : Recent Finds and New Interpretations, Goyal, S.R., Ancient Indian Inscriptions : Recent Finds and New Interpretations, , Ancient Indian Inscriptions : Recent Finds and New Interpretations]
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