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Arunachal Pradesh : The Hidden Land

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Author: Dai, Mamang
Year: 2002

[ pp. viii+144 (fully illustrated with colour photographs) ]
[ Price: RS. 2,000.00, US$ 37.04 ]

About the Book :

Arunachal Pradesh : The Hidden Land

(This book is an attempt to present a view of the tribal world in the context of the environment that surrounds them. Even today very little is known about Arunachal Pradesh. Very little is known about the explorers and adventurers who travelled here and provide the first glimpses of this hidden land. The purpose of this book is to record images, myths and some of the customary proactices of life in these hills that seemingly are changeless, but may be changed forever in the fast paced world of today. Contents - Preface, A Hidden Land, The Cradle of Evolution, The Creation Myths, A Forbidding and Fascianting World, In the Footsteps of the Great Rimpoche, Gifts of the Gods, Love Legends, The Way of Donyi-Polo, The Joy of Living, Destination Arunachal, Footnotes, Bibliography, Fact File)
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