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The Seven Sisters of India : Tribal Worlds Between Tibet and Burma

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Author: Stirn, Aglaja & Ham, Peter van
Year: 2000

[ pp. 168 ]
[ Price: RS. 3,600.00, US$ 66.67 ]

About the Book :

The Seven Sisters of India : Tribal Worlds Between Tibet and Burma

(This is the first comprehensive publication on India's remote Northeast, the area comprising seven States streching from Tibet to Myanmar, among them Nagaland, Meghalaya and Assam. This area was closed to foreigners for many years. Book provides a detailed and balanced picture of the life in this remote region, which was last examined some 50 years ago. At that time reports were limited in scope, and customs such as head hunting were given undue emphasis. Individual chps. focus on different aspects of life, religious belief and ritual. Special attention has been given to the geography of the region, the origin of its people, their houses, the cult of sun and moon, beliefs connected to head hunting, etc.)
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