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Women Empowerment : Challenges and Strategies

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Author: M. Lakshmipathi Raju (Ed.)
Year: 2007
ISBN: 8189915703
[ 23 cm., pp. xxvi+510, figs. ]
[ Price: RS. 1,600.00, US$ 29.63 ]

About the Book :

Women Empowerment : Challenges and Strategies

This is a comprehensive volume which serves as a precious edition to the post-graduate students of sociology and social work covering their syllabi on women and development and gender and society. In addition it contains topics of great interest and immense utility for centres for it caters to the needs of the research scholars, social scientists, women activists, NGOs working for the empowerment of women since the subject of women empowerment is interdisciplinary in its nature. The book contains rare but judicious combination of articles pertaining to various disciplines such as Sociology, Social Work, political Science, Law, economics, History, demography, Philosophy, Home Science, Psychology, Psychiatry and other related disciplines. For the convenience of the readers the book is divided into six parts namely theoretical perspectives, historical perspective, women and health, social, economic and political empowerment, women and social justice, policies, programmes and strategies of women empowerment. The book starts with theoretical perspectives, human right issues and concerns, gender discrimination, status of women and particularly in view of the goals proclaimed by the U.N.O. in its various conventions such as Kenya, Beijing and new York and also in pursuance of the objectives of National Policy of Women Empowerment, 2001. The book spells out various perspectives on women empowerment, the issues and problems that confront the women so as to highlight the implications of policies, strategies and interventions. It also focuses on the role of social workers, social activists, women activists, women's organizations, women's groups and NGOs in the empowerment of women. The great credit of the book is the comprehensive manner in which, it has dealt with all aspects of the subject. The presentation is simple and lucid and compiled for the benefit of the students and teachers dealing with the subject. Many of the issues raised in the book will be discussed not only by the students and teachers but will be thought provoking even for the policy-makers.
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