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Principles of Curriculum Planning and Development

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Author: B. Reddy
Year: 2007
ISBN: 8189557777
[ Price: RS. 650.00, US$ 10.83 ]

About the Book :

Principles of Curriculum Planning and Development

Contents : 1 Definition of the Curriculum Problems, 2 The Syllabus of Education, 3 Teaching of Curriculum, 4 Knowledge Teaching and the school, 5 Behavioural Objectives and Curriculum Development, 6 An Analysis of the Objectives Model, 7 A Process Model, 8 The Evaluation of Curriculum, 9 Towards A Research Model, 10 The Teacher and Research, 11 The School and Innovation, 12 Support for Schools, 13 Movements and Institutions in Curriculum Development, 14 Problems in the Utilization of Curriculum Development, Bibliography.
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