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Heterosis Breeding in Vegetable Crops

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Author: Rai, Nagendra & Mathura Rai
Year: 2006
ISBN: 8189422030
[ Hardcover, 25 cm., pp. xii+531, figs., pls. ]
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About the Book :

Heterosis Breeding in Vegetable Crops

In India, the vegetable production is still dominated by the locally available genotypes, land races or open pollinated varieties, which are low yielding and susceptible to various biotic and abiotic stresses. However, the recent advances made in hybrid technology in vegetable crops offer greater potential for higher productivity. Hence, there is a need to grow vegetable hybrids for increased quality, productivity, uniformity, better desirable traits and management of biotic stresses. Development of hybrids plays a pivotal role not only for increasing the productivity but also helps to combat several biotic and abiotic problems faced by farmers. The book entitled “Heterosis Breeding in Vegetable Crops” the authors have made all efforts to compile the complete information on both theoretical and practical aspects of technology of hybrid development in vegetable crops. This publication contains 17 chapters in two sections. The first section includes 10 chapters related to theoretical aspects, viz. (i) Introduction to Heterosis (ii) Basis of Heterosis (iii) Commercial Exploitation of Heterosis (iv) Reproduction, Pollen and Pollen Biotechnology (v) Population Improvement of Parents/Hybrids/Varieties (vi) Genetic Purity Testing of Hybrids (vii) Hybrid Varieties Testing and Release Procedures in India (viii) Biotechnology and Vegetable Improvement (ix) Intellectual Property Rights Related Issues in Hybrid Technology (x) Economics, Import and Export. The second section consists of practical aspect of hybrid seed production on 16 vegetable crops, viz. (xi) Solanaceous Crops-tamati, brinjal, chilli and bell pepper, (xii) Malvaceous Crop-okra (xiii) Cole Crops-cabbage and cauliflower (xiv) Cucurbitaceous Crops-bitter gourd, bottle gourd, cucumber, muskmelon, watermelon, pumpkin, ridge and smooth gourd (xv) Root Crop-carrot. (xvi) Bulb Crop-onion and (xvii) Hints for hybrid cultivation. All the chapters cover references, illustrations and tables. This would be useful to teachers, scientists, students, extension workers, vegetable industry and farmers of this country.
Content : Foreword / Preface /
Section I: Principles of Heterosis : Chapters / Introduction / Basis of Heterosis / Manifestation of Heterosis / Reproduction, Pollen Biology and Pollen Biotechnology / Population Improvement of Parents/Hybrid Varieties / Hybrid Varieties Testing and Release Procedures in India / Genetic Purity Testing of Hybrid Seeds / Biotechnology and Vegetable Improvement / Intellectual Property Rights-Related Issues in Hybrid Technology / Economics, Import and Export /
Section II: Techniques for Hybrid seed Production : Solanaceous Crops / Malvaceous Crop / Cole Crops / Cucurbitaceous Crops / Root Crop / Bulb Crop / Hints for Cultivation / Glossary / Appendices / Colour Plates / References / Index.
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