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Socio-Cultural History of Orissa : A Case Study of Khariar Estate

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Author: Deo, Raja Jitamitra Prasad Singh
Year: 2006
ISBN: 8186791620
[ pp. xvi+323, pls. ]
[ Price: RS. 700.00, US$ 12.96 ]

About the Book :

Socio-Cultural History of Orissa : A Case Study of Khariar Estate

This book deals with the regional study of modern Nuapada district of Orissa province in India, which formed KHARIAR ESTATE. This area has findings of stone age, early history period, medieval period, till the advent of Chauhan dynasty rule. The socio-cultural history of this area shows how the Hindu rulers were maintaining the socio-cultural link with the people in general. This area is thickly inhabited by the tribal people. Though this region formed part of South Kosala state during ancient and medieval periods, during modern period, Khariar Estate area merged on first April 1936, to be incorporated in then newly created Orissa province.
Contents : Preface / Abbreviations / List of Illustrations /
Section I : Nucleus of culture is found in Khariar region / A mother quartz of significance / Life and culture of khariar region (from early period till the rise of the Chauhans in 14 century A.D.) / Singoa or singjhur / Komnagarh / Significance of Kharial settlement / Religious cults of Khariar / Temples of Khariar ex-estate, comprising the modern Nuapada district of Orissa province / Tantric site Bhulia Sikua / Badadadhibaban (Bada Gudi) temple of Khariar / A unique votive copper-plate at Badadadhibaban temple of Khariar / Socio-cultural history of Orissa: a case study of Khariar estate / Khariar house supported the cause of Veer Surendra Sai / Social relationship of Khariar estate / Art and literature of Khariar / Khariar Darbar records, literature of Raja Brajaraj Singh Deo / Khariar Darbar records, literature of Raja Birbikram Deo / Khariar stage, 'Birbikram theatre' / Life of Sibanarayan Deo / Life of Chandradhwaj Deo / Life of Lal Rudramadhab Deo / Wooden relievo works discovered at Bamanpara village of Sinapali block, Nuapada district, Orissa / Saliha firing and its after effect / Education in Khariar / Section II : Joyful and honorific celebrations of Khariar / Appendix-I, II, III / Index.
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