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Natural Resources Conservation

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Author: Qazi, S.A. & Qazi, Navaid Shabir
Year: 2007
ISBN: 8131300889
[ 23 cm., pp. xii+452, maps ]
[ Price: RS. 1,295.00, US$ 23.98 ]

About the Book :

Natural Resources Conservation

Resources are features of environment that are of value to man in one form or the other. Natural resources include forests, rivers, minerals, solar energy and the energy of sea etc. There are natural and man-made resources. The man-made resources include machinery, transport system & artificial fertilizers etc. The less tangible resources include attractive scenery, a healthy climate and the skills and expertise of groups of people. The recognition of the finite resources of the earth and the growing demand for them has led to an appreciation of the need for their careful management which can be in simple worlds called as the conservation of resources. This involves establishing the extent of existing resources, seeking new ones and making more efficient use of existing resources. The long felt demand of under-graduate and post-graduate students of geography as well as preparing for various professional and competitive examination inspired us to write this book. This book brings out many facets of Indian resources and their management. No doubt this subject is very vast and volumes have been written to cover the subject but still there is vaccum which needs more and more on this subject. The author has made a humble attempt to do justice with the subject by writing this book. The book has been written from the standpoint of broadening the horizon of the general readers and students about the natural resources and its management. The main objective of writing this book is to meet the growing demand of a suitable book on natural resources for college and university students at under graduate and post graduate levels. Besides the book will be 0pf immense value for those who intend to appear in competitive examinations. Moreover, it will cater to the needs of those scholars who are interested in adding to their existing knowledge about natural resources of India. The book is the outcome of the experience of the author as a teacher of geography to degree classes. Thus it is hoped that this book will do a Yoeman’s service to make readers understand the basics of Indian resources and their conservation. The book is meant for the graduate and post-graduate students of Indian Universities in general and for common readers and teachers in particular.
Contents : Preface /
Acknowledgement / Introduction / Geological History / Physical Setting / Drainage System / Monsoon / Drought and Floods / Soils and Vegetation / Natural regions / Population Resources / Resources / Man and Environment / Agriculture / Agricultural Regionalisation / Industrial Development / Transport and Trade / Settlements / Regional Planning and development / Problematic regions / Regional Extent / Bibliography / Index.
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