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Demographic Study of Primitive Tribe : A Comparative Framework

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Author: Biswas, Ranjan Kumar
Year: 2006
ISBN: 8190257234
[ 23 cm., pp. ix+409 ]
[ Price: RS. 825.00, US$ 15.28 ]

About the Book :

Demographic Study of Primitive Tribe : A Comparative Framework

Tribal people are the autochthonous of India. Their sporadical dispersions are mainly found on undulating hilly tracts and forest regions throughout the country. They are much adhored to follow up their socio-cultural orthodox and their economic life is dedicated to pursuit the forest products. Due to the reasons of more backwardness concerned to small size of community, pre-agriculture of economy, high extent of isolation, low level of literacy and others, 74 groups have been identified as primitive tribes. Saharia is categorized as one primitive tribe whose inhabitation is not only confined in Madhya Pradesh but also extended in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and rarely in Bihar and West Bengal. The present study has been conducted among Saharia of Gwalior district in Madhya Pradesh to assess their socio-cultural status and demographic situation. Keeping in the over all studies, the present book includes total five tentative chapters. The first chapter of this book introduces a brief discussion of demography consisting of fertility, mortality, migration, demographic-anthropology, review of literatures and aims and objectives. The second chapter bears an aequaintation of research methodology with sophisticated statistical parameters. Subsequently, the third chapter defines the tribe, primitive tribe and their socio-economic aspects in the context of zonal variation This chapter also exclusively, furnishes the socio-cultural position of sahara. In the light of socio-economic status, the forth chapter confers the various measures of fertility, mortality, migration, maternal and child health care, health seeking behaviour and family planning practices of Saharia with a comparative framework of tribal and non tribal population of India. The fifth chapter is committed to review the entire studies in a summaried form. Then this chapter also rectifies the inadequacies as the reasons of their low sociocultural position and accordingly bestows the various suggestions as an aetiological sense for their over all development.
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