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Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry

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Author: Dutcher, Raymond Adams et al
Year: 2005
ISBN: 8176221406
[ 23 cm., pp. x+502, figs. ]
[ Price: RS. 995.00, US$ 16.58 ]

About the Book :

Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry

This book is divided into 3 parts. Part 1 is designed to stimulate interest by introducing the student to some of the interesting and significant reasons for the study of agricultural biochemistry, to review the organic chemistry of compounds of biological importance, and to introduce definitions, terms, and mechanisms which will help the student understand and appreciate material presented in subsequent chapters. Part 2 (The Pant) involves a discussion of the more important chemical facts and theories relating to plant growth, from the time the seed germinates until it becomes a mature plant. The chapter on farm chemurgy is designed to acquaint the student with actual and potential utilization of farm crops for industrial purposes. Part 3 (The Animal) has been written with the view of stressing, so far as possible, the biochemical phases of metabolism and growth. Practical applications have not been stressed since this can be done to better advantage in subsequent practical courses dealing with livestock feeds and feeding. Tables of recommended nutrient allowances for humans and domestic animals and tables of chemical composition of some selected human foods and livestock feeds have been placed in the appendix for reference purpose. The book has been written on the assumption that it will be suitable for students with sound training in inorganic and organic chemistry. It is hoped that the present volume will stimulate interest in the teaching of agricultural biochemistry and that it will also serve as a general reference book for students who are interested in the underlying chemical principles affecting plant and animal growth.

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