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Shipwrecks around the World : Revelations of the Past
Sila Tripati (Ed.)

ISBN: 9788192624440 / 8192624447

Price: Rs. 4000, US$ 74.07
 The Buddhist Cosmopolis
Lokesh Chandra

ISBN: 9788177421392

Price: Rs. 4150, US$ 76.85
The Hindu Temple, 2 Vols.
Stella Kramrisch

ISBN: 9788120802223 / 8120802225

Price: Rs. 4000, US$ 74.07
 India and the First World War 1914-1918
Rana T.S. Chhina

ISBN: 9789384695002

Price: Rs. 2000, US$ 37.04
Wild Fire : The Splendours of India's Animal Kingdom
Valmik Thapar (Ed.)

ISBN: 9789383064687

Price: Rs. 2695, US$ 49.91
 Late Temple Architecture in India 15th to 19th Centuries : Continuities, Revivals, Appropriations, and Innovations
George Michell

ISBN: 9780199454679

Price: Rs. 1395, US$ 25.83
Indias Military Modernization : Strategic Technologies and Weapons Systems
Rajesh Basrur & Bharath Gopalaswamy (Eds.)

ISBN: 9780199451623

Price: Rs. 795, US$ 14.72
 Constitutional History of India Part 1 : Indian Polity, Governance and the Constitution 2 parts
Subhash C. Kashyap (Ed.)

ISBN: 9788187586678

Price: Rs. 1800, US$ 33.33
Constitutional History of India Part II : Federalism, Elections, Government and Rule of Law
Subhash C. Kashyap (Ed.)

ISBN: 9788187586685

Price: Rs. 2700, US$ 50.00
 Recent Researches on Indus Civilization and Maritime Archaeology in India
A.S. Gaur and Sundaresh (Eds.)

ISBN: 9788173201455

Price: Rs. 3160, US$ 58.52
The Rigvedic People : Invaders, Immigrants or Indigenous
B.B. Lal

ISBN: 9788173055355

Price: Rs. 1600, US$ 29.63
 Naga in Indian Iconography and Art : From the Earliest Times to c. 13thcentury AD
R K Sharma

ISBN: 9788173055157

Price: Rs. 6000, US$ 111.11
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