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The Silk Road : Trade, Caravan Serais, Cultural Exchanges and Power Games
Mansura Haidar (Ed.)

ISBN: 9788173055287

Price: Rs. 2125, US$ 39.35
 Manual of Universal Church History
Rev. John Alzog, D.D

ISBN: 9789351480006

Price: Rs. 8550, US$ 158.33
Lord Siva and Buddha in the Golden Isles in Search of Classical Indonesia
Lokesh Chandra

ISBN: 9788177421309

Price: Rs. 2700, US$ 50.00
 Crossess : Christian and Otherwise
Fredrick W. Bunce

ISBN: 9788124607374

Price: Rs. 1250, US$ 23.15
Akbar : The Aesthete
Indu Anand

ISBN: 978812460738

Price: Rs. 4320, US$ 80.00
 The Art of Ancient India : Buddhist, Hindu, Jain
Susan L. Huntington & John C. Huntington

ISBN: 9788120836174

Price: Rs. 3500, US$ 64.81
Brahmand World Defence Update 2014 : Emerging Technologies in Modern Warfare

ISBN: 9788182747630

Price: Rs. 3500, US$ 64.81
 Icon : Journal of Archaeology and Culture Vol.1 (2014)
Amiya Chandra et al (Eds.)

ISBN: 23477032

Price: Rs. 2000, US$ 37.04
The Substance and the Shadow : An Autobiography
Dilip Kumar

ISBN: 9789381398869

Price: Rs. 699, US$ 12.94
 Ancient Rome and India : Commercial and Cultural Contacts Between the Roman World and India
Rosa Maria Cimino (Ed.)

ISBN: 9788121506762

Price: Rs. 2000, US$ 37.04
Northern Frontiers of Buddhism
Benoy K. Behl

ISBN: 9788120838130

Price: Rs. 1980, US$ 36.67
 History of Ancient India, 5 Vols.
Dilip K. Chakrabarti & Makkhan Lal


Price: Rs. 21320, US$ 394.81
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