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The Accidental Prime Minister : The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh
Sanjaya Baru

ISBN: 9780670086740

Price: Rs. 599, US$ 11.09
 Northern Frontiers of Buddhism
Benoy K. Behl

ISBN: 9788120838130

Price: Rs. 1980, US$ 36.67
History of Ancient India, 5 Vols.
Dilip K. Chakrabarti & Makkhan Lal


Price: Rs. 21320, US$ 394.81
 The Power of the Female : Devangana Sculptures on Hindu Temple Architecture
Gauri Parimoo Krishnan

ISBN: 9788124606872 / 8124606870

Price: Rs. 4320, US$ 80.00
Indian Painting : Themes, Histories, Interpretations
Mahesh Sharma & Padma Kaimal (Eds.)

ISBN: 9788189995836

Price: Rs. 3450, US$ 63.89
 Rock Art Studies
Bansi Lal Malla

ISBN: 9788173054938

Price: Rs. 9450, US$ 175.00
Xuan Zhang's Mission to the West With Monkey King
Rama B. Bhat

ISBN: 9788177421330

Price: Rs. 2500, US$ 46.30
 The Timeless Art of Ajanta
Sudha Satyawadi

ISBN: 9788173054303 / 8173054304

Price: Rs. 3510, US$ 65.00
Tiger Fire : 500 Years Of The Tiger In India
Valmik Thappar

ISBN: 9789382277569

Price: Rs. 2695, US$ 49.91
Aloke Mitra

ISBN: 9788180460944

Price: Rs. 1700, US$ 31.48
Shekhawati : The Havelis of the Merchant Princes
Abha Narain Lambah

ISBN: 9788192110684

Price: Rs. 2500, US$ 46.30
 Rajasthan Under the Desert Sky
Rajesh Bedi & Gillian Wright

ISBN: 9788174368867

Price: Rs. 3150, US$ 58.33
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